Buy your very own custom video at

Buy your very own custom video at

Pandora’s Box Continued

Pandora’s Box Continued

After Goddess Danielle and Lady Nina Leigh announced the opening of ‘Pandora’s Box’, several losers, lost souls and frankly, DRUNKS, have foolishly emailed in their most embarrassing, most humiliating information. And as warned in the description, several of them have been contacted out of the blue, to be cruelly BLACKMAILED and threatened into a new life of slavery. Pandora’s Box is not a game. It is a real email address, which only Goddess Danielle and Lady Nina have access to and they have decided they want to TEASE and LURE in MORE VICTIMS!

So if YOU want to submit your darkest details and humiliating confessions in exchange for a life of financial misery and worship to a Domme with an income already times times higher thann yours… buy this clip and email Pandora’s Box TODAY!


Princess Lexi has come back into the Domme Scene in a big way has decided she wants to collect a dzen or so blackmail slaves to fully own and ultimately bankrupt.

If you’re still reading this it means that you are curious about blackmail and that you realise there is no better way for you to submit everything than to be owned by a bitchy greedy high maintenance glamour model! You need to be fully owned by an ALPHA PRINCESS like Lexi and despite your efforts to stop, you are a HUMILIATION JUNKIE looking for his next FIX!

So you are going to buy this clip, follow every instruction, collecting and creating all of the material you are told to. You are then going to type in the email address provided within and click S-S-S-SEND!!!

WARNING: Do not send information to this email unless you are seeking real and full time control.

Got the attitude?

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The Ultimate Goddess…

"To all my minions slaves and worshippers, welcome once again to your GODDESS DANIELLE. "

Danielle, is more than a Domme. She has far exceeded the title of Domina. She is a GOD. And as bizarre and unbelievable it may seem to you now, in about 10 minutes will be worshipping Her as the ULTIMATE HOLY ONE. You will beg forgiveness for your previous life, you will confess your undying love towards her, pouring your heart out, sacrificing ALL and GIVING YOUR LIFE to this Immortal Goddess.

Taking in every curve of her superior, ALPHA, female body, every curve, every dimple, every molecule will be engrained into your mind because you are looking at DIVINE PERFECTION. You will part with your money for Her without question. Your Goddess is your world and your universe and you will strive to show her your undivided attention and strive to be the most loyal to worship her! Your money and your asset will soon be hers, and so you will search for new ways to sacrifice.

Goddess will now give you your new 10 commandments to follow… So bow down and give thanks.

More of a man than a mouse? Then check out the new GlamGirls website!!!

More of a man than a mouse? Then check out the new GlamGirls website!!!

Goddess Danielle on 1-2-1 cam last night. Serve Goddess Danielle on cam EVERY Wednesday night! (20:00 - 22:00 GMT)

Goddess Danielle on 1-2-1 cam last night. Serve Goddess Danielle on cam EVERY Wednesday night! (20:00 - 22:00 GMT)

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Mistress Lucy’s £5,000 tribute from ‘yankie slave’…

The incredible Mistress Lucy and Mistress McKenzie… 

The incredible Mistress Lucy and Mistress McKenzie… 

Top 25 Clip…

The Therapist

“Hmmm… well I think the problem is you’ve developed this fetish from something that stems back to your childhood and we need to find that trigger and get you out of that way of thinking…So the aim of this hypnotherapy is that when you get aroused in the future, you will not think about paying girls money, you will think about normal sexual intercourse, and I will help you to achieve that. So all I need you to do now is to keep your eyes focused on the pen.. Keep following the pen…”

It was too easy… she just couldn’t resist! As a hard working, wealthy, middle aged guy; completely addicted to splurging money on dominant women, Danielle is not only going to keep you that way for her own financial gain, she is going to programme you into a cycle of complete SELF DESTRUCTION. She is going to completely brainwash you into willingly paying her EXTORTIONATE AMOUNTS and SIGNING EVERY ASSET over to HER. When she is finished with you, you will have no recollection of this violation and will be left on the streets like every other addict, trying to find money for your next fix.

Smash open those piggy banks…

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The Year is 2025…

The year is 2025 and Planet Earth is in danger of being over run by a group of evil, merciless, dominant Super-heroines!!!

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Goddess Danielle is back losers…

Goddess Danielle is BACK losers!!! Filming clips for her minions on 14th March and is packing her bikinis and heels for the Canary Islands!!

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